Competitive Soccer Program

We’re excited to start the Fall Soccer Season and the below are some important dates and events which we hope will generate a lot of interest in our quest to build Prospector’s Competitive Soccer Program.  Please sign up accordingly below.

Competitive Soccer Coordinator: Cory Candelario


Comp Teams/Coaches

Comp Team        Birth Year           Coaches

U9 Girls              2015                    Gene Groniger

U10 Girls            2014                    Veronica Wood/Cory Candelario

U10 Boys           2014                    Denis Karidis

U12 Boys           2012                    John Shebl

U12 Girls            2012                   Paul Rice/Keith Rowe

U13 Boys           2011                    Brian Coyne

U14 Boys           2010                    Olivier Dapremont

Comp Soccer Sponsorship Information

Comp sponsorship form included in the link below.

PSC Comp Sponsorship Information.pdf

Comp Soccer Uniform Ordering

Comp Soccer Age Matrix

Birth YearAge Group

US Soccer Birth Year Matrix

(*Reference year 2023/2024)

Competitive Soccer Overview

The Competitive Program is a great opportunity for players to experience a higher level of soccer. Players have the opportunity to take their game to another level, become a better player and simply have fun. Team selection is through a tryout process, which takes place in January, February, or May depending on age group. Teams have a longer training period, typically participate in 4+ tournaments a year and cup play in addition to the fall league season.


Teams for ages U9 through U19 for boys and girls are offered. Roster sizes grow with age as teams progress from 7v7 play at U9 to 9v9 at U11 and 11v11 at U13 and older. Field and goal sizes also increase with age.


While Competitive team head coaches are still volunteers, they are appointed via an application process. The goal is to provide players with training from more experienced and knowledgeable individuals. Some teams chose to additionally enhance training through the use of professional coaches and trainers.


Registration Fee: TBD Uniform kits include a complete home-kit and away-kit, resulting in a higher cost than recreational uniforms. An optional third kit color is also available for teams wishing to utilize a third color. Additional costs vary from team to team to cover tournament registration, cup registration and advanced training opportunities. These team fees typically range between $300-600 per player for the season. Many teams organize fundraising events or obtain sponsors to help lower these costs.


The Competitive Program season typically runs from April through December, but may run longer if teams participate in additional season options such as spring (depending on field availability) or team advance to advanced cup play.

Teams schedule two or three 2-hour practices per week. The summer period provides opportunities to play in weekend tournaments, with regular league play through fall, followed by post-league cup play in November and beyond. The number and location of tournaments entered is up to the individual team (typically 4 or 5), but there are plenty of options within the Sacramento region. Teams do tend to participate in at least one travel tournament requiring overnight stay (for example to the Bay area or Santa Cruz), which is always a memorable experience for the team and may choose to participate in non-CYSA tournament opportunities such as sand soccer and/or small sided options (5v5 or 6v6 soccer).

League games are primarily in the Sacramento region, but the district-playing region extends north to Chico and south to Modesto. Occasionally teams from other districts are approved to participate in our district to enhance playing opportunities for all and travel beyond our district may be required. The 10-game fall league schedule includes 5 home games and 5 away games from late August through mid-November.

Tryout Process

In order to play in the competitive program, players must attend tryouts for their age group. Through a series of drills and games, coaches assess players' abilities to ultimately select a competitive team roster. A second team may be formed depending on the number of players attending tryouts showing suitable ability and the availability of coaches.